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Creative U includes posts to inspire your family’s own creativity. Listen to music, try a craft, read a book. You can dance to music, draw or paint to music and make your own music! Ideas for crafts are here and you can always expand on the craft or think of one of your own! Books hold the key to knowledge and imagination. Create your own stories so that you, too, can become authors and illustrators of your own fiction and non-fiction stories!

March brings to mind mischievous leprechauns, the color green and of course, rainbows.

Listen to “Paint a Rainbow”

Sing along to it and learn the colors of the rainbow. My preschoolers like to dance to it with colorful scarves or crepe paper ribbons! We like to use rain sticks , drums and shakers for this song, too. “Paint a Rainbow” is a peaceful song and works nicely as part of bedtime routine for snuggling, soft singing and and rocking your little loves into dreamland.

I am compiling a list of favorite books for March and will post soon!

Songs for Spring I hope you enjoy as much as I do!

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